Smile Part 2….You Can’t Stop Rock And Roll

This blog is dedicated to good taste… music

Due to overwhelming response from all of 2 people….Dre and Mike C, I have added some more….and yes this is fucking incredibly awesome.  Put on your helmet and again add more if you want as I know I am missing some but too much is too much and too little just gets you started but doesn’t finish the job.  This is just right…to me at least.

This is the COOL album cover version of this SMILE edition.  FRAME EM if you got em.

And basically its all ROCK since they had all of the legendary covers……and notice the lyrics how deep on most of them….and as far as music…..and yes Journey, STYX and REO qualify.  The REO song is just a classic that never gets old.

…and it begins with one of my favorite rock songs ever…..and the intro the video with kids rocking captures the essence of 80s rock and dedication of metal fans even to this day…..CHEERS


“My head explodes, my ears ring

I can’t remember just where I’ve been”


“I’ve been drivin’ all night, my hand’s wet on the wheel

There’s a voice in my head, that drives my heel

It’s my baby callin’, says, ‘I need you here’

Ans it’s half past four, and I’m shifting gear”


“They didn’t see me and Tom in the trees.

Neither one believing what the other could see.

Tossed in the bodies, let ‘em sink on down.

To the bottom of the well where they’d never be found”


“Your words like ice fall on the ground

Breaking the silence without a sound”


“I’m tired of playin foolish games

I’m tired of all your lies makin me insane

I don’t ask for much the truth will do just fine

Won’t you lay it on the line”


“When the summer’s gone she’ll be there standing by the light

Once she’s been to where she’s gone to she should know wrong from right

Is she feeling

Are you feeling

You feeling that way too?

Or am I just

Am I just a fool”

AC/DC    ….there is Bon Scott AC/DC and there is the other guy

“It’s criminal

There ought to be a law


There ought to be a whole lot more

You get nothing for nothing

Tell me who can you trust

We got what you want

And you got the lust”


“Nowhere To Run

Nowhere To Hide

What You Doin’ To Me

All This Jive”

APRIL WINE……and a killer jam for the last bit of the song

“Get my saddle and tie it on

Western wind who is fast and strong

Jump on back, he’s good and long

We’ll resist till we reach the dawn

Running seems like the best offense

Staying just don’t make any sense”


Van Halen - So This Is Love Lyrics

“Goin’ outta my way, know my way around

The grass is never greener an’ there plenty around

All the other girls, they be put to shame

Over the edge and here I stay”

REO SPEEDWAGON …..Ok so I put two on here 

“Ridin’ the storm out, waitin’ for the thaw out

On a full moon night in the rocky mountain winter.

My wine bottle’s low, watching for the snow

I’ve been thinking lately of what I’m missing in the city.”

“You’re thinking up your white lies

You’re putting on your bedroom eyes

You say you’re coming home but you won’t say when

But I can feel it coming

If you leave tonight keep running

And you need never look back again”

DOOBIE BROTHERS ….One of my all time favorite jams…….listen to all of it….ENJOY

“Take this message to my brother

You will find him…everywhere

Wherever people live together

Tied in poverty’s despair

Are you…telling me the things you’re gonna do for me

I ain’t blind and I don’t like what I think I see”

LETS GO BONUS…..and yes I saw this tour in 82, 83 and 84…..ENJOY

….and as always…..YOU CAN’T STOP ROCK & ROLL…..


“Like a charging bull, It’s a juggernaut

With steam at full, never to be caught

Incarnate power, roaring from the sky

While others cower,  ROCK AIN’T GONNA DIE”

COMING SOON…..the sing along version and the alternative college rock versions….stay tuned…..

and no clue why this pic but its awesome on many levels…CHEERS

If We’re Evil or Divine We’re The Last in Line…Other Songs You Might Remember

I just want to ROCK…HARD….I am sitting here looking at Twitter trends and it makes me sick to see Adam Levine, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne trending.  As much as they want to think they are musically talented, they are not.  They have lame lyrics set to even lamer music.  Know this about today’s music and I will put it in all caps to help you understand it better.  





And by “depth” I mean it has no feeling, no punch to it and no longevity.  I mean do you actually think 20 years from now you will be humming “Payphone” by Maroon 5 or “Stupid Hoe” by Nicki Minaj. (SEE LINK)


Even rock names of bands and album covers are lame.  I saw a metal band named “Deadguy” the other day.  Real Original.  

And metal now is just who can grunt the most unintelligible….that is not music…sorry…


I posted album covers because I love them and they are much cooler then…


and now for the tunes…..I am purposely posting the lesser known tunes by these artists to prove my point that even lesser known songs by 80’s artists still pack a punch today….ENJOY


I also posted them in their original form to bring you back to the days of MTV when you first saw these and rocked then.


One other note…..1981 was a damn good year for music



I have to start out with the OTHER hit from The Knack

“And it’s a teenage sadness
Everyone has got to taste.
An in-between age madness
That you know you can’t erase
Til she’s sitting on your face.”



Billy Squier – In The Dark (1981)

“You take no int’rest no opinion’s too dear
You make the rounds and you try to be so sincere
You guard your hopes and you pocket your dreams
You’d trade it all to avoid an unpleasant scene
Can you face the fire when you see me there
Can you feel the fire will you love me in the dark”




Blue Oyster Cult – Burnin’ For You (1981)

“Burn out the day Burn out the night
I’m not the one to tell you what’s wrong and what’s right
I’ve seen suns that were freezing and lives that were through”




Judas Priest – Heading Out To The Highway (1981)


(and yes I know the lyrics on these two song are gay but the songs rock and I don’t give a shit.)

“Making a curve or taking the strain
On the decline, or out on the wain
Oh everybody breaks down sooner or later.
We’ll put it to rights, we’ll square up and mend.
Back on your feet to take the next bend!
You weather every storm that’s coming atcha!”



Judas Priest – Hot Rockin’ (1981)

“Don’t let it stop, don’t let it end,
Please let it carry on and on and on again.
I get so high. Knocked off my feet, yeah!
This is the only way I want, I want, I want”


Night Ranger – Don’t Tell Me You Love Me (1982)

“It’s taken miles and lines to learn the Right from the wrong
I keep you hanging on”




Krokus – Screaming In The Night (1983)

“Sons of vengeance, can you rescue me
They got me tied up to a woe tree
They had me screamin’ and alone in the night
I’m beginning to see what’s wrong and what is right
What is wrong and what is right, oh, what is wrong and what is right”




Dio – The Last In Line (1984) 

“We don’t come alone
We are fire we are stone
We’re the hand that writes
Then quickly moves away”




“Touch my gun but don’t pull my trigger
Let’s make history in the elevator
Or lock the door shine my pistol some more
Here I cum just ten seconds more”




“Blind man in the vox that will probably die
The village kids laugh as they walk by
A psycho is on the edge of this human garbage dump
And the vultures in the sewers are telling Him to jump”



and JUST LISTEN TO THIS UNDERRATED SONG by Black Sabbath….classic Ozzy …just listen and I promise you will like…

This song was dedicated to Ozzy Osbourne’s father, who died in 1977

“Junior’s eyes looked into the skies once more
Now he knew well, this life was hell for sure
He desperately tried, his fingertips stretched to the stars
Reaching for reason, along with the time and the scars




“So when they hit your town
You’d better get down
I’m telling no lies to you mister
‘Cos they live for rock’n’roll
They’ll try to steal your soul
Might even try to steal your sister, oh”


I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did……..STAY SAFE…




R.I.P. To Some Legendary Musicians

Here is a SMALL tribute to those musicians who were BRILLIANT during their time on earth.  Here is the comprehensive list compiled by a blogger (thomas10) and a very good one at that.  I missed a bunch until I read this.

…and NO I will not have Cobain or Winehouse on here because I think they were both groundbreaking but not to the level of the following. I wanted to single out my personal favorites and  I only attached videos to some as they were either a lesser known performance or just an incredible performance that needed to be shared…… And with all much due respect to the  musicians who died,  you will never be forgotten and we have your music to live through forever. ENJOY and remember the past is prologue.

CLICK  SONG TITLES TO JAM  and SORRY about the Ads for some


Rhett Forrester (1956- 1994) Lead Singer of RIOT

Mark Reale (1955-2012) Lead Guitarist of RIOT 

Mark Reale of the band RIOT died Wednesday.  He, along with Rhett Forrester were the reason why RIOT was such an underrated band in the 80s.

So fucking tragic how Lead Singer Rhett Forrester died.

From Wiki: “Rhett Forrester was shot and killed in Atlanta, Georgia on January 22, 1994 at the age of 37 after he refused to give up his vehicle in an attempted carjacking. His murder remains unsolved.”

Just listen to the vocals and guitar….Not a good copy but just LISTEN…..


Hendrix (1942-1970)

*NOTE: the video does not match the audio…JUST LISTEN TO THE MASTER AT WORK


Stevie Ray Vaughan  (1954-1990)

*DISCLAIMER* – no sound on left side but its worth it….wear ONLY right headphone.

**Alpine Valley WI, 8/27/90… Last words before he walked off stage “If i dont see you again in this life ill see you in the next, dont be late”


And He Played a Rickenbacker…..BONUS

Cliff Burton (1962-1986)

Bass Player Metallica

I think this one goes with out saying, but it gives me a chance to post my ALL TIME favorite Metallica song….and yes its fucking fast.

*First time of Disposable Heroes. Live at MetalHammer Festival,Germany September 1985


Randy Rhoads (1956-1982)

Guitarist Quiet Riot and Ozzy Osbourne

Just a blistering performance by a TRUE master that went way too soon….

*The famous King Biscuit Flower Hour show from 7/28/81.

Live at the St Dennis Theater.


James Honeyman Scott (1956-1982)

Guitarist The Pretenders

When The Pretenders ROCKED

This fucking song STILL rocks my face off to this day…..just an absolute JAM!!!!


Hillel Slovak  (1962-1988)  

Guitarist Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers performing a cover The Meters’ song “Africa”, called “Hollywood” on the German music festival Rockpalast in St. Goarshausen on August 17, 1985.


Shannon Hoon (1967-1995) Lead Singer Blind Melon

I remember like it was yesterday when my friends said “lets go check out Blind Melon at Tips” only to be heading there and finding out as we were walking towards Tips that he had died….WHAT A VOICE!!!


Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan (1981-2009)  Drummer Avenged Sevenfold

Image Detail

Paul Gray (1972-2010) Bassist  Slipknot

FUCKING WOW  is all I can say after watching these TWO videos



Brian Connolly – Lead Singer  Sweet  (1947-1997)

Image Detail“Time is no healer When you’re not there Lonely fever Sad words in the air Some things are better left unsaid I’m gonna spend my days in bed I’ll walk the streets at night To be hidden by the city lights city lights”

ONE OF MY ALLTIME FAVORITE SONGS….just reminds me of 70s AM radio plus the long version jams…give it a listen


Layne Staley (1967-2002) Lead Singer Alice In Chains


Phil Lynott (1949-1986) Lead Singer and Bass Player Thin Lizzy

Gary Moore (1952-2011) Lead Guitarist Thin Lizzy 

Image Detail

Phil Lynott



Image DetailDimebag Darrell (1966-2004) Guitarist Pantera


If you don’t enjoy this you are legally dead.

This shit is heavier than Clint Eastwood’s balls

*DISREGARD the RED bar on screen


Joe Strummer (1952-2002) Lead Singer The Clash

“I nearly murdered somebody, and it made me realise that you can’t face violence with violence. It doesn’t work.” – Joe Strummer


Michael Hutchence (1960-1997) Lead Singer  INXS

Sorry, but his voice STILL fucking rocks and try being a teenager and NOT liking this song when every teenage girl you like wants to sit on his face.


Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

Before MJ decided to become WHITE

This album and song is his BEST work in my opinion.

“So tonight,

Gotta leave that nine to five upon the shelf

An’ just enjoy yourself,


Let the madness in the music get to you”


Bob Marley (1945-1981) Guitarist and Lead Singer Bob Marley  and The Wailers

No one could capture that LIVE feeling better than Bob Marley….just watch this video and you can almost feel his passion the way he sings….just awe inspiring to this day

I would KILL someone to travel back in time to see this show…..WOW FUCKING WOW


Elvis Presley (1935-1977)

What a smooth fucking song from the ONLY good Elvis movie and its filmed in New Orleans


Ian Curtis  (1956-1980) Lead Singer Joy Division

Without Ian Curtis, there is no New Order and without New Order there is NO Depeche Mode, hence NO Nine Inch Nails….to a degree….you get where I am going…..HUGE influence and groundbreaking on so many levels….


Bon Scott (1946-1980) Lead Singer of AC/DC

Bon Scott - tattoos


And the ones I did not mention that you already know and know all of their classics….

Otis Redding (1941-1967) R&B Trailblazer

Freddie Mercury (1946-1991) Lead Singer Queen

John Bonham (1948-1980) Drummer Led Zeppelin


Ronnie Van Zant (1948-1977) Lead Singer  Lynyrd Skynyrd

Sam Cooke (1931-1964)

Image Detail


Steve Clark (1960-1991) Lead Guitarist Def Leppard

Kevin DuBrow (1955-2007) Lead Singer Quiet Riot

Image Detail

Marvin Gaye (1939-1984)

Image Detail

Keith Moon (1946-1978) Drummer The Who

Image Detail

Jim Morrison (1943-1971) Lead Singer The Doors

Image Detail


MORE Great 90’s Alt-Rock Songs You Probably Forgot About…

In A World Of Human Wreckage….

OK here we go…..

someone posted the “38 Great Al-Rock Songs You Haven’t Thought About in 20 Years” prompting me to not only reminisce about my time at KLSU (Thanks DG) but that time in general.  The years 92 – 96…..When given the chance to be on KLSU, I immediately jumped and never looked back…my Wednesday afternoon shift during the summer was interesting to say the least….

As far as the music is concerned, this was the time when Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains were getting bigger and bigger but there were still no “New Rock” radio stations, so most if not all of the songs below were ignored by the masses but enjoyed by the few….

Most of these you will remember all of these and some more than others, but notice when they came out.  Oasis was in 1994 but didn’t blow up til 1996…..same goes for the others….turn it up ENJOY and I will let the music do the talking…

 * next to a song means its one of my all time and never gets old…

Also I posted this list in reverse alphabetical order because who cares….ENJOY  

Veruca Salt – Seether (1994)

Tripping Daisy – My Umbrella (1993)

Tracy Bonham – The One (1996)

*Sugar – If I Can’t Change Your Mind (1992)

*Sponge – Plowed (1994)

*Seven Mary Three – My My (1995)

Posies – Solar Sister (1993)

*Oasis – Live Forever (1994)

*Matthew Sweet – Devil With The Green Eyes (1994)

*K’s Choice – A Sound That Only You Can Hear (1995)

*James – Say Something (1993)

*House Of Love – You Don’t Understand (1992)

Gigolo Aunts – Cope (1994)

Fretblanket – Twisted (1994)

Frank Black – Los Angeles (1993)

For Squirrels – Mighty KC (1995)

Eve’s Plum – I Want It All (1993)

Dambuilders – Smell (1994)

Dada – Dim (1992)

***** Catherine Wheel – Black Metallic (1992) 

Afghan Whigs – Debonair (1993)


Charlatans UK – The Only One I Know (1990)

Dada – I Get High (1996)

Catherine Wheel – Crank (1993)

Havana 3Am


Darling Buds – It Makes No difference (1991)

Music To Make You Deaf As You Drive

Ok so about a month ago a friend, Kim posts on Facebook (Go Figure) that she had her music so loud at the stoplight that the woman on side of her gave her a look then asked her to turn it down.  We’ve all been in this predicament.  So without hesitation Woman A pulled out a rocket launcher and destroyed Woman B’s car.

Kim Being Innocent

Well after hearing this incredible story I was inspired to write.  This is a list of songs that when they come on I immediately turn it up to 11 or in the case of my new truck, 38, whatever the HELL that means.  Whatever the case its fucking loud and you know what they say If Its Too Loud You’re Too Old.  And furthermore these are songs you sing along so loud to that others can hear you over the music.  Case in point, the end of Otherside by RHCP does this to me every time to this day.

More criteria for the list also includes songs that are impossible to listen to at a low volume level….

OK so roll down the windows and piss off the neighborhood.

Disclaimer:  This is MY list so it is subject to scrutiny.  Please add where necessary and I probably forgot many of them.  But know that ALL Tool, Black Sabbath and Rage live turned up to 38 in my truck.  

And here are the givens or songs you’ve already heard a million times so you already know…


Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Freebird

Heart – Crazy On You

Police – Message In A Bottle

ANY Zeppelin

.38 Special – Hold On Loosely

ANY Beastie Boys

Michael Jackson – Beat It

Def Leppard – Rocket
Ozzy – Over The Mountain

ANY Zebra

Disclaimer 2:  Above story might have been exaggerated a little to protect the parties involved.

Disclaimer 3: Names have been changed to protect the innocent.    Ex. Kimberly is now Kim.

Rise Against – Savior

Aerosmith – Train Kept A Rollin

Van Halen – DREAMS – The original and best video

Foo Fighters – The Pretender

Alice In Chains – WOULD?

Metallica – Wherever I May Roam

Twisted Sister – Burn In Hell

Mötley Crüe – Wild Side

Judas Priest – Heading Out To The Highway

AC/DC – Shoot To Thrill

Blue Oyster Cult – Burning For You

UFO – Love To Love

Incubus – Pardon Me

Disturbed – Rise

Iron Maiden – Two Minutes To Midnight

Avenged Sevenfold – Bat Country

Ministry – Just One Fix

Journey – Stone In Love

Scorpions – No One Like You


Foo Fighters – Bridge Burning

Public Enemy – Nighttrain (Touch Up Remix)

Eric B And Rakim – Paid In Full

Paul Oakenfold – Ready Steady Go

The NEXT one I dare you to stop at the light and crank this up in NOLA……

N.W.A. – Fuck The Police

and this last one is special request…..and yes IT ROCKS!!!

Lil Jon – Turn Down For What


“That juke box in the corner holding memories…

This whiskey aint so lonely anymore…

turn it up a little louder.”  – from the Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ song “I See Georgia”


Today is rainy and shitty so I am just posting some tunes….some good some ok some from the early 90s when I was a DJ at KLSU……….some that I love but you might hate…..ENJOY….


Def Leppard with Pete Willis was and STILL is the Def Leppard that I love…..

From Def Leppard’s FIRST album On Through The Night

Best song on the BEST album by Def Leppard

Sticking with the ‘N’ theme from High ‘N’ Dry….here is Drivin ‘N’ Cryin with some classics

First I want to say that Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ are one of my all time favorite bands that never got huge.  So maby songs that remind of just fucking great times.  SO many classics…..

I had to leave you with the LIVE version of this….FIRST SONG SIDE ONE of the FIRST ALBUM by Drivin’ N’ Cryin’

“Well I’m out of work, I’m out of hope,

What should be of thee I spoke,

Good times for the undeserved,

And hard times for the ones who work”

Ok now I am back from college reminiscing to a degree…..OK A LOT…..

Murphy’s circa 1990…..It’s now apartments but the memories…..WOW

NOW BACK TO THE MUSIC…..most of these you will know but you might not remember some by name….and will be happy I reminded you of them……..THEY ALL ROCK IN THEIR OWN WAY…..and yes that Fall Out Boy ROCKS!!!….

see my Guilty Pleasures blog

“She lies in a bedpan

With her name scrawled on her back

It sure sounds funny

When you say his name like that”

“IN a world of human wreckage”


When I was working at KLSU….some jams 


Bloodhound Gang


and I leave you with THIS……ENJOY and CHEERS!!!!!!