“And my mind goes back to a girl I met some years ago who told me” 


I had to start with this as the Pete Rivera’s voice just grabs you by the throat WAY better than the Temptations version….


I put the one with lyrics because the lyrics are KILLER….LOVE LOVE LOVE this song……

Jim Croce – Bad Bad Leroy Brown (1973)

another song that NEVER GETS OLD……great storyteller….and wish he was still alive

Jim Croce – You Don’t Mess Around With Jim (1972)


When people ask me my FAVORITE bands I always forget HEART probably because I am burned out on the classics by them after growing up with them and working at a Classic Rock station and hearing them all the time…..BUT they are FUCKING INCREDIBLE and these videos prove that this song, while overplayed is a CLASSIC.   Also, “Crazy On You” and “Magic Man” are from the DEBUT album by them so they started out with a bang…. I saw them in 1979 when I was 10 at the Day Of Rock and Roll in the Superdome and I remember Nancy strumming that guitar and Ann’s KILLER voice… ya go….BOTH videos KICK ASS

I posted this because of the sound quality and Roger Fisher (Guitar) really does look like Luke Skywalker playing guitar in the back.  And some lady has pointed out his camel toe too also….LMFAO




Song goes perfect with the VIDEO….YEAH!!!!


1973!!!!!! did you notice that?!?!?  WOW FUCKING WOW….and ANOTHER debut album……song is so fucking timeless….and same album as “Freebird”, “I Ain’t The One”, “Tuesday’s Gone” so you have flicked your BIC to this album MANY TIMES….

One of the BEST drug tunes of all time…NO QUESTION!!!

“Whiskey bottles, and brand new cars 

Oak tree you’re in my way
There’s too much coke and too much smoke 

Look what’s going on inside you”


People forget that .38 Special is Donnie Van Zant which is an offshoot of Skynyrd so they have that same sound….they rock!!

From the early days of MTV….and GREAT version of this song live….and KILLER CHEESY album cover

Not the best sound quality but SONG just kicks ass!!!!

Just a damn good song….that is all


I did not hear or at least REMEMBER this song til the late 90s….

go figure…..its long but it JAMS!!!!!



The Next few songs are more just good songs from 70s / 80s that get you moving….and you should remember them all…..few ONE HIT WONDERS tossed in…..


Firefall – You Are The Woman (1976)

Cheesy COOL!!!!


I had to post these as I don’t think other than “Carry On My Wayward Son” and “Dust In The Wind”…no one knows who the fuck Kansas is…..

and check out this first video….WOW….its definitely the 70s 

Kansas – Point of Know Return (1977)

Seth Rogen on guitar , Jesus on piano, Big Fro man on violin”

Early MTV and Pre-80s New wave takeover


Now this even sounds like an AM radio….for those who don’t what the fuck an AM radio is ….this is how we used to listen to songs….and wait and wait to record them with a tape deck next to speaker…..


Sorry but this song is fucking cool even NOW!!!!….except for the lyrics about a 16 year old


Ambrosia – You’re The Only Woman 

Such a cool feel to another 70s AM radio CLASSIC

Ambrosia – Biggest Part of Me


Toto – Hold The Line (1978) 

Pre-Africa and Pre-Rosanna…..70s JAM


and just cause i can…..LOVE THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT and yes that is an Asia poster on my blog

Asia – Heat Of The Moment (1982)

Asia – Don’t Cry

Asia – Only Time Will Tell


OK I could not leave you with Asia and since we are on the early 80s…..WHY NOT??

who doesn’t remember this video?

Rush – Tom Sawyer (Live)

I figured I might as well end on a KILLER LIVE note….





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