Songs That Make You Tingle In Your Privates…

 I just put a bunch of music here today that just makes me feel REALLY REALLY GOOD…..either musically or because of the feeling it projects………just a big mix of everything that is making me tick at the current time…..ENJOY….its mellow to a degree but these songs are so fucking good……

and remember this:

“Half this game is 90 percent mental.”


I don’t what it is about this song it is but it just has IT……it sounds like the South, it just makes me feel like FALL before a football game.  THAT is why it’s a CLASSIC.

Kid Rock – Jackson, Mississippi (2003)


ANOTHER song that EVERY fucking time I hear it, it STILL blows my mind….just flipping AWESOME…..and this album is just legendary….TURN THIS UP!!!!

Journey – Wheel In The Sky (1978)



It has taken me a while to get on Kings Of Leon bandwagon………. but I DIGRESS and will speak never again of my dislike

Radioactive (Live on Letterman 2010)

Use Somebody (Live Today Show 2009)


OK the next TWO songs have so much passion it just oozes down the sides….ENJOY and try not to fall off the bed…..TWO MORE REASONS WHY LIVE MUSIC IS KING!!!!!

Kings of Leon – Closer (Live 2010)


Black and white picture of a man with long dreadlocks playing the guitar on stage.

Bob Marley – War/No More Trouble (Live 1977)

Taken from the Exodus tour live at the Rainbow Theatre, London, June 4, 1977 this is just a MASTERPIECE and one of the main reasons why Bob Marley is considered one of the greats 



Crazy (Live 2008)

Smiley Faces (Live Abbey Road)



The Soundtrack to the movie “The Fighter” is absolutely BRILLIANT and here are two reasons why…..

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Strip My Mind

The Heavy – How ya like Me Now


Now I have a small tribute to one of my favorite ALL TIME underrated bands…..



If you have just been to ONE Phish show in the past few years you have heard this and this is just a fucking JAM…..LOOK AT THE YEAR !!!!

Robert Palmer – Sneaking Sally Through The Alley (1974) 


The next THREE songs remind me of my friend Renee from LSU as we were in school together and this is what we have as our bond.  More importantly, this brings me back to my time in the ARMY where I was away from friends but made ONE friend who I just was able to get back in touch with through the power of facebook….that friend is Ted Martin who is a Florida Gator and I hate the Gators but not him. We made it through a tough time in our lives….every time I hear these songs from THIS show it reminds me of that time. Plus, its one of the BEST LIVE albums I have ever heard.  Depeche Mode at its PEAK!!!!

CHEERS to you Ted!


File:101 - Depeche Mode.jpg

Behind The Wheel (Live 1988)

Strangelove (Live 1988)

Everything Counts (Live 1988)


Everyone have a KILLER weekend….CHEERS!!!!!!

Listen to MORE Music that makes you move in mysterious ways….

Tip Your Friends, Tip Your Bartenders


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