WORST MUSIC of 2011…..and maybe EVER!!!!..You Decide


Worst Women of 2011
(L to R) FAKE, Douche, Whore, Cunt, Pig and Clueless


With all due respect to other WORST of 2011 blogs, THIS is the REAL pathetic list of pathetic music from 2011.  A few things we have learned about music these days:

  • The whole “New Rock” or whatever you call what stations like the Buzz who play Nirvana and Linkin Park are, is DEAD and needs to go away.
  • I think we can agree that POP music has hit a wall especially with these gay repetitive club beat songs by Pitbull and so on.
  • Enough with these whole half rap / half melodic songs are they are just horrible.  
  • And how many fucking rap songs need to be collaborations?   
  • Country music is just not even worth mentioning.
  • Bands have officially run out of names when LMFAO, Cage The Elephant and Foster the People are on the charts.

    And the list could be top 100 but lets narrow it down to 20 please. And these are really in NO particular order as I could not even try to corral this pile of shit into a blog.  My ears are bleeding as we speak.

1. How To Love – Lil Wayne


I cannot understand why people buy this.  He is a mumbling dumbfuck with no talent yet blacks and whites flock to him like he is god.  A god of shitty ghetto talent who needs a belt.  


2. Nicki Minaj – Super Bass



I know who the fuck you is….you is a dumbfuck

Just plain awful and they play it constantly…..the eye say it all about this dummy.


3. Mary J Blige – 25/8

Talk about OVERSTAYED her welcome…PFFT!

I mean really Mary J Blige could be the most overrated R&B / hip hop whatever of all time…..just because you are still around does  not make you good…..fucking loser.

4. Plies (feat. Jeremiah and Ludacris) – Just The Tip

Plies feat. Jeremih and Ludacris - "Just the Tip"This might be the worst song of all time…but with so many on this list….lets move on…..and why does every fucking loser rapper have to collaborate with someone else.  I long for the days of Public Enemy, Eric B & Rakim, Gangstarr and Tribe Called Quest where it was their song with NO ONE to tag along.  Make your own music rapper of today.  Oh thats right you can’t because you have to all sound alike and mumble.



5. Chris Brown – Look At Me Now 
(feat. Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne)

This is very close as the reason why rap is just a big fucking joke now.

Do people think that irritating noises during songs are easy on the ears?  

6. Enrique Iglesias, Usher, Lil Wayne – Dirty Dancer

Because you need to repeat the chorus over and over and over and over and over again to get your point across.  Pitbull’s Dr Pepper commercial thinks you repeat the chorus too much…..by the way I think Pitbull wants to “Have a Real Good Time” according to that commercial.

7. Wiz Khalifa – Black And Yellow

More repetitive beats over a lame rap.  He is a Snoop clone.  GO FIGURE….and he smokes pot and wears a baseball cap, tattoos and wears pants below his ass……REAL ORIGINAL

The Future of America Looks Like This….AWESOME

8. Metallica with Lou Reed – Mistress Dread

Because the first thing I think of when listening to THRASH metal is Lou Reed talking over it. THIS IS SO BAD…..Metallica has OFFICIALLY jumped the shark with this one.  

ST ANGER thinks this sucks.

9. Carlos Santana (feat. Daughtry) – Photograph

This is a TOTAL BUTCHERING of a Def Leppard CLASSIC but then again this album is just a disgrace to the career of Santana and the other bands who are on this album…..


10. Willow – 21st Century Girl


Fucking another one of Will Smith’s kids here to ruin something.   First, it was Jaden ruining the Karate Kid, now its dumb Willow ruining what is left of pop music with this garbage. 

and next is from 2010 but it has crossover shittiness to it

11. Justin Bieber & Jaden Smith – Never Say Never


12. Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci

I can’t even comment on this as its so bad it just makes me angry.  And laugh at those who buy it.  She looks like what it would look like if Lady Gaga fucked Amy Winehouse with a strap on and a kid came out somehow. This has record company creation written ALL OVER IT.

13. Soulja Boy – First Day Of School

Look at this fucking flunkie with another song from 2010 song but Soulja Boy is just plain the worst.  Right next to Lil Wayne’s overrated ass.

and this CRAP is why he is the worst…..What the fuck is he saying?

BONUS: Soulja Boy – Crank That

14.  Karmin – Crash Your Party

This just has everything that is wrong with radio…the catchy beat, middle song bad rap and all of the other repetitive crap.  The distorted voice. Gee thanks record companies how do you sleep at night?….TYPICAL ONE HIT WONDER.

15. Kim Kardashian – Turn It Up


I wish that sunburn would have killed that trashbag.

Reminds me of this DUMBFUCK!!!!!

16. Kim Zolciak – Google Me

This is WHY the Real Housewives of (Insert City Here) are the worst…..This pathetic loser cannot sing yet because he is on TV they let her….KILL ME NOW!!!

I swear this is awful beyond words





17. Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger 

(feat. Xtina dumbfuck Aguilera)

Why is Adam Levine shirtless in the video?  Ok we get it Adam you have tattoos to be badass but you whistle like a fucking fruit cup and regardless of how catchy this song is, it still has that gay “MOOOOVES like Jagger” part which nulls the rest.


18. LMFAO – Sexy and I know it

These guys are just plain horrible.  I mean the name of your band is “LMFAO” like you really thought hard about that.  Thanks record company geniuses for scouting that one.  And “Party Rock Anthem” is one of the worst songs of all time so I didn’t even include it.  Your ears will thank me.

19. Rebecca Black – Friday

This is pretty bad but others on this list are MUCH MUCH worse.

This cunt is the worst EVER and her constant Madonna ripoffs are old.  This is exactly like when “Like A Prayer” came out.  What is next for Gaga a black and white sex book?

And what is that JUDAH Judaaaah ahah….whatever crap…..UGH…..just not even good at all…..

And its looking pretty bad RIGHT out of the gate for 2012 as this is what Linkin Park has to offer.  I think the “New Rock” genre is done…what do you think?

Linkin Park – The Catalyst


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