Sitting, Listening, Wondering

As I listen to Jimi Hendrix’s LIVE version of “Hear My Train Comin,” I cannot begin to wonder what it was like to experience the aura of that concert back in the day.

 I have been to numerous concerts on a wide variety spectrum such as Pink Floyd, TOOL, Rage Against the Machine, Phish, Widespread Panic and those are all unbelievable in their own right but to see Jimi Hendrix just GO OFF must have been amazing…..


I try and give the music of today a pass, but it just doesnt have much to offer in the depth category……YOU TRUE MUSIC LOVERS know what I mean…especially LIVE….music of today is like the difference between listening to a CD and listening to VINYL….say what you want but a vinyl record on a MacIntosh stereo with good speakers will send you into another dimension… 

The first time I saw TOOL and said to myself “this has got to be a fuckin joke how fuckin incredibly deep they are and how the music just takes over your body”…..and the visuals didnt hurt either……its just an experience I encourage EVERYONE to partake……the music, energy level and pure sexual undertones are rarely matched by any artist today and from the past….

 …….or that first Rage Against the Machine concert where 18000 fans were all jumping in unison and you could do nothing but move with them……

many have tried since then but many have failed….I will even go as far to say being at a Phish show was this kind of experience you could never dream of….the music just flows and and you catch yourself with a giant SMILE on your face….Pink Floyd goes without saying and you could throw in the Beastie Boys…

…..the reason i bring up those 3 or4 concert experiences is you could see one show one night and a completely different show the next…bands really dont do that….think Motley Crue used to have a script for what they said in between songs EVERY NIGHT….not that the show didnt kick ass but following them around the country could get boring…….anyhoo……back to the lecture at hand…..i dont have access to my vast array of music as I am working overnights so i am subject to whatever Pandora has to offer in the Quick Mix of my 20 plus music channels so with that said….I go from Jimi Hendrix’s amazing guitar to Pearl Jam’s “Even Flow” which is a great song but in the grand scheme of music it is a speck on the ass of great music……and call it too much clinging to the PAST but that is all I have now with what music is offering today……I have the past memories of good times with friends/family/coworkers/strangers to remember……music is still the most powerful tool around as it paints whatever picture you want it to……



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