Here’s To Summer

With the looming summer right up on us, I figured I would toss out some tunes that make me smile, laugh, tap my foot or just bang my head on the dashboard.  I am about to drive to Orlando with 3 kids and before I take to this quest I might want to do yoga or something.  My kids are really being assholes right now because they know the trip is happening no matter what.  But we can make it HELL for them when we get there.  And why is that kids are such assholes right before  a trip?

Who could forget the early 90s when you were about to have a couple of weeks after classes let 0ut or if you were lucky you would take summer classes to be an eager idiot like myself.


Summer 1991 and Point Break which has so many dumb quotes I could only pick ONE….the most recognizable of all



Many of you who know me will instantly recognize me from my CASSETTE TAPES of late 80s early 90s titled Pete’s Alternative Classics…volume 1-6….cause EVERY one of these songs I called my favorite…

I just wanted to start with one of my favorites by a band that got popular for pretty much ballads  but they actually rock.

Goo Goo Dolls – Lazy Eye (1997)


Late 80s / Early 90s ROCK ROCK ROCK

XTC – “Mayor Of Simpleton” (1989)

THEN you get into this kind of psychedelic alternative to which all I can say is thanks as looks like Oasis, Ride and The Charlatans came out of it….some examples….

I first heard this on DMX cable radio back in 1992 and was blown away at the old yet new sound to it…..took me YEARS to find this song…..once I get a song in my head I will find it….

The House Of Love – “You Don’t Understand” (1992)



The Charlatans UK – “The Only One I Know” (1990)


Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – “Happy” (1991)



Now back to just some early 90s classics when I was a DJ at KLSU

Paul Weller – Sunflower (1993)


Sugar – “If I Can’t Change Your Mind” (1992)


Dada -Dim (1992)


….next is a tune that I heard around the time my dad passed away in 96 and it stuck with me all this time….

Deadeye Dick- Marguerite (1993)

The origin of SKA came with these champs….and continued below with Sublime

The Specials – “Gangsters” (1979)

This Sublime song still is my all time favorite….hopefully it becomes yours….

Sublime – 5446 / Ball and Chain (1992)

Before 311 started being played all over the radio….when they just rocked

311 – Plain (1993)


Now back to some Mid-90s when alternative started becoming mainstream….


Veruca Salt – Seether (1994)


Not a big fan of Korn but this remix is sick good….


Korn – A.D.I.D.A.S. (Remix) (1996)



Before the band LIVE became super huge with songs like “I Alone” and “All Over You” they had the album Mental Jewelry which is the first and my favorite.  ENJOY some

LIVE – Operation Spirit (1991)


LIVE – Beauty of Gray (1991)


LIVE – 10000 years (1991)


SOME 80s

Jason and the fucking Scorchers…..YES!!!! way ahead of their time

Jason and The Scorchers – “White Lies” (1985)

How  could you not like The Furs?

Psychedelic Furs – Alice’s House (1984)

…as you might know or not know the Jam is one of my all time favorite bands so I put Paul Weller up earlier and now the Style Council from the 80s….

Style Council – Walls Come Tumbling Down (1985)

Bob Mould – See A Little Light (1989)

VERY UNDERRATED band again….

An album cover showing four men amongst some trees at night. In the top left-hand corner of the cover is the band’s name and the album’s name is in the top-right corner, both are in yellow text.

Echo and The Bunnymen – “Do It Clean” (Live Early 80s)


“Hands down, this version of ‘Do It Clean’ is the greatest song ever recorded.”


and another EXTREMELY influential band XTC who just don’t get the credit they deserve…..and look at the YEARS on these.

XTC – “Senses Working Overtime” (1982)


XTC – “Making Plans For Nigel” (1979)


OK time for the 80s CHEESE factor….and you have to remember this….

The Hooters – “All You Zombies” (1983)



Nirvana – “Sappy” (Hidden Track on NO Alternative CD) (1993)


IF you attended college anytime between 1987 and 1994 you could NOT avoid the next band… with that said… favorite version of this song because it encapsulates everything about Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ in ONE song.


“Nobody said it would be fair

But in the end I think it is. Karma, justice, whatever you call it. It’s really there just keep looking for it”


Drivin’ ‘N’ Cryin’ – “Scarred But Smarter” (Live)(1986)


This album takes me back to when I was in the ARMY in 89/90.  This and Depeche Mode 101 are STILL very important in my life to this day.  Many FRIENDS were made lifelong and otherwise.


Drivin’ ‘N’ Cryin’ – “Peacemaker” (1989)


Drivin’ ‘N’ Cryin’ – “Build A Fire” (1990)

Drivin’ ‘N’ Cryin’ – “The Innocent” (1990)


I leave you with the hidden track on a very underrated compilation disc …..


Nirvana – “Sappy” (Hidden Track on NO Alternative CD) (1993)



CHEERS….have a good one….and always remember to “Tip your bartenders and Tip your friends”

and a good song to start your Summer….

Shwayze & Cisco – You Could Be My Girl





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  1. barb says:

    You we in the army? 🙂 safe travels dude!

  2. barb says:

    YOU WERE?? Duh! hahahaa
    Good tunes Petey!

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