If We’re Evil or Divine We’re The Last in Line…Other Songs You Might Remember

I just want to ROCK…HARD….I am sitting here looking at Twitter trends and it makes me sick to see Adam Levine, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne trending.  As much as they want to think they are musically talented, they are not.  They have lame lyrics set to even lamer music.  Know this about today’s music and I will put it in all caps to help you understand it better.  


<<<< SEE.

And by “depth” I mean it has no feeling, no punch to it and no longevity.  I mean do you actually think 20 years from now you will be humming “Payphone” by Maroon 5 or “Stupid Hoe” by Nicki Minaj. (SEE LINK)


Even rock names of bands and album covers are lame.  I saw a metal band named “Deadguy” the other day.  Real Original.  And metal now is just who can grunt the most unintelligible….that is not music…sorry…I posted album covers because I love them and they are much cooler then…

and now for the tunes…..I am purposely posting the lesser known tunes by these artists to prove my point that even lesser known songs by 80’s artists still pack a punch today….ENJOY

I also posted them in their original form to bring you back to the days of MTV when you first saw these and rocked then.

One other note…..1981 was a damn good year for music


I have to start out with the OTHER hit from The Knack

The Knack – Good Girls Don’t (1979)

“And it’s a teenage sadness
Everyone has got to taste.
An in-between age madness
That you know you can’t erase
Til she’s sitting on your face.”

Billy Squier – In The Dark (1981)

“You take no int’rest no opinion’s too dear
You make the rounds and you try to be so sincere
You guard your hopes and you pocket your dreams
You’d trade it all to avoid an unpleasant scene
Can you face the fire when you see me there
Can you feel the fire will you love me in the dark”

Blue Oyster Cult – Burnin’ For You (1981)

“Burn out the day Burn out the night
I’m not the one to tell you what’s wrong and what’s right
I’ve seen suns that were freezing and lives that were through”

Judas Priest – Heading Out To The Highway (1981)

(and yes I know the lyrics on these two song are gay but the songs rock and I don’t give a shit.)

“Making a curve or taking the strain
On the decline, or out on the wain
Oh everybody breaks down sooner or later.
We’ll put it to rights, we’ll square up and mend.
Back on your feet to take the next bend!
You weather every storm that’s coming atcha!”

Judas Priest – Hot Rockin’ (1981)

“Don’t let it stop, don’t let it end,
Please let it carry on and on and on again.
I get so high. Knocked off my feet, yeah!
This is the only way I want, I want, I want”

Night Ranger – Don’t Tell Me You Love Me (1982)

“It’s taken miles and lines to learn the Right from the wrong
I keep you hanging on”

Krokus – Screaming In The Night (1983)

“Sons of vengeance, can you rescue me
They got me tied up to a woe tree
They had me screamin’ and alone in the night
I’m beginning to see what’s wrong and what is right
What is wrong and what is right, oh, what is wrong and what is right”

Dio – The Last In Line (1984) “We don’t come alone
We are fire we are stone
We’re the hand that writes
Then quickly moves away”

Mötley Crüe – Ten Seconds To Love (1983)

“Touch my gun but don’t pull my trigger
Let’s make history in the elevator
Or lock the door shine my pistol some more
Here I cum just ten seconds more”

Skid Row – Monkey Business (1991) 

“Blind man in the vox that will probably die
The village kids laugh as they walk by
A psycho is on the edge of this human garbage dump
And the vultures in the sewers are telling Him to jump”

Black Sabbath – Junior’s Eyes (1978) 

and JUST LISTEN TO THIS UNDERRATED SONG by Black Sabbath….classic Ozzy …just listen and I promise you will like…

This song was dedicated to Ozzy Osbourne’s father, who died in 1977

“Junior’s eyes looked into the skies once more
Now he knew well, this life was hell for sure
He desperately tried, his fingertips stretched to the stars
Reaching for reason, along with the time and the scars

Def Leppard – Rock Brigade (1980)

“So when they hit your town
You’d better get down
I’m telling no lies to you mister
‘Cos they live for rock’n’roll
They’ll try to steal your soul
Might even try to steal your sister, oh”

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did…..ENJOY THE WEEKEND ….STAY SAFE…and Happy 4th


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