Dark Knight Rises while Aurora Mourns

I took my son and his two cousins to see Dark Knight Rises this morning so they could be a part of movie history.

I wanted them to experience what I had growing up with the success of Star Wars leading to ridiculously long lines for Star Wars Empire Strikes Back (below), Indiana Jones and E.T.
This was one of the highlights of my young adult life as many would camp out, but we would ride our bikes to Lakeside Cinema on Veterans Highway in Metairie, La.
I now have a 10 year old boy who is just starting to enjoy movies with me so I am living vicariously through him as a boy.  We watched Die Hard the other night and it was great seeing it with someone who had never seen it.  We also watched Jaws and most of the James Bond movies and he is starting to enjoy movies from my time growing up.
Regarding the release of the Dark Knight Rises, this was supposed to be the biggest opening in movie history with a take of around $200 million plus.  Until last night when that loser in Aurora decided to take out whatever frustration he has at the world.
It’s unfortunate and frustrating that what should have been a joyous weekend celebrating excellence in movies is marred by the senseless killing 12 innocent people and injuring 59 others.  These people had no clue what was happening and quite honestly will have a very hard time going to the movies ever again.  I hope they can someday return to see the magic of movies.
RIP to families and people in Aurora, CO
I hope we don’t get to a day when we can’t even enjoy movies without being subjected to metal detectors.
Just my thoughts.
Have a good weekend.

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