There’s No Easy Way Out: The Good, The Bad, The Cheesy 80s Movie Songs

****REPEAT****Due to popular demand this is a repeat from last year.

To quote the girl in the movie Dazed and Confused “The 50’s blew,the 60’s rocked,the 70’s,well they obviously suck.Maybe the 80’s will be radical!…..and radical in every way….and the 70s ROCKED more than 60s… my opinion…..the 80s brought us some of the most recognizable MOVIES ever and with these movies came music, some totally awesome, some just bad and some so fucking cheesy but you can’t help but love it… is a sample with the disclaimer:


AND also look at these movie posters….LEGENDARY and cheesy….you just don’t get them like this anymore…..movies today pretty much suck to a degree, music definitely and even movie posters.

I also attached the movie trailers to these gems as not even trailers are this good anymore….now they pretty much give you the entire movie in 2 minutes…..ENJOY

it also looks like 1985 was a good year for movies….lots of classics

I will have a cheese scale after each one,
1 – Parmesan
2 – Shredded American
3 – Nacho Cheese
4 – Gouda
5 – Full On VELVEETA

   Rocky III (1982)

Here we go and we are off and running with Rocky III and some REAL Velveeta melting here….Rocky just provides so many moments of cheese we could devote and entire blog to this by itself but you get the idea.  Don’t get me wrong, Rocky is legendary and Rocky II is good but then it just goes off with MR. T and so on…even Hulk Hogan, but with every cheesy flick comes a cheesy song attached and this one gave us Survivor’s “Eye Of The Tiger” and here is where it first appears….
Rocky III – Trailer (1982)

Rocky IV video set to Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor

CHEESE FACTOR – 3 (Mr.T, Hulk, Rocky, Survivor. Enough said)

Rocky IV  (1985) ..The fucking Russian accents in this movie are just fucking horrible, but its Rocky and its Rocky IV so what do you expect?

Rocky IV – Trailer (1985)

…and this Robert Tepper song in the movie still makes me want to punch someone after seeing it.

Robert Tepper – There’s No Easy Way Out

and of course it would NOT be a Rocky movie without Survivor making another song for the movie….so bad yet so good since it goes perfect with the movie…the Russians are so fucking stupid looking but its the 80s and every movie involved Russians in some way.

Survivor – Burning Heart

(The END of Rocky…should have been after Rocky II)

Eddie Murphy was right in the movie “Raw” when he talked about Italians and “Rocky”

Eddie Murphy – Italians & Rocky


A View To A Kill (1985) 

Probably one of the WORST Bond films ever but who could forget THIS opening song…..IT FUCKING ROCKED and it was Duran Duran so they could do no wrong

A View To A Kill – Trailer (1985) 

Duran Duran – View To A Kill

CHEESE SCALE – 3  (Christopher Walken, Bond, Duran Duran)


The Living Daylights  (1987)

In keeping with Bond theme for a moment…..

The Living Daylights – Trailer (1987)

The band A-HA did the title for the 1987 Bond flick “The Living Daylights”….Fucking love this one and who could deny loving an opening of a Bond movie…..more of a Guilty Pleasure

A-Ha – The Living Daylights (Opening Sequence)

CHEESE SCALE – 4 (Bond mixed with A-HA)

Ok so NOW you get the picture so lets DIVE RIGHT FUCKING IN…..

Teen Wolf  (1985)

The Original from 1985 and not some confusing MTV show of the same name.  Go Figure MTV using another idea from someone else.   This Michael J Fox flick has some pretty pathetic stuff going on from his girl who is a friend name “Boof” to his supposedly cool friend “Styles.”

Teen Wolf – Trailer (1985)
The songs are all gay but here are two that jump out immediately. PURE 80s gems here.

Win In The End – Teen Wolf

NOW listen to this next song as I swear I hear a voice in that horrible 80s computer saying “Big Bad Wolf Guy,” even though its not the case…you decide….

Bunny & The Wolf Sisters – Teen Wolf Dance

CHEESE FACTOR 4 (Thanks Boof  and Styles)

IN keeping with the Prom Dance thing….I give you another underrated classic in the cheese world…

Can’t Buy Me Love (1987)

Before Patrick Dempsey was the stud you ladies see on tv, he was this and yes that is Seth Green as his little brother.  I used to love his love interest in this movie.  Thought she was so hot.

Can’t Buy Me Love – Trailer (1987)

African Anteater Ritual from Can’t Buy Me Love

CHEESE FACTOR 4/5 (The clothes and Seth Green)


The Breakfast Club (1985)
Growing up as a teen in the 80s, we had all kinds of “growing up” movies but this one takes the cake.   And has some phenomenal music such as Simple Minds “Don’t You Forget About Me”

The Breakfast Club – Trailer (1985)

Not many people knew about the band Wang Chung except for “Dance Hall Days” but this was where they took off….

Wang Chung – Fire In The Twilight

CHEESE FACTOR 2 (Classic and TONS of quotable one-liners)


To Live And Die In L.A. (1985) 

This next movie is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES and quite possibly one of the most UNDERRATED flicks EVER.  The hero (CSI’s William Peterson) dies in the movie and it just blows you mind.  Wang Chung did the entire soundtrack and its 80s to a tee.  John Turturro is in it also and Willem Dafoe plays Rick Masters, who is a freaking champ.

To Live and Die in LA – Main Titles 

To Live and Die in LA – Best Scenes

Rick Masters Money Making Sequence

And arguably one of the best car chase scenes EVER….

To Live and Die in LA – Car Chase

CHEESE FACTOR 2 (ONLY because of Wang Chung)

Karate Kid (1984)

Does this next one even need an intro other than being remade in the most horrible fashion EVER?

This movie has so much cheese in it it drips off the screen but its still a classic and I watch it every time it comes on…I am not sure which is worse the song at the end by Joe Esposito or the scene at the club where Daniel gets laughed at by all of the rich people after getting food knocked all over him….CLASSIC…and of course, Survivor is BACK after Rocky

Karate Kid – Trailer (1984)

Survivor – The Moment Of Truth

This song is so bad yet so good….kill me now

Joe Esposito – You’re The Best Around

CHEESE FACTOR – 5 (Prove Me Wrong)

The fact that Hollywood touched this CLASSIC with Russell Brand shows you how desperate they are….and the remake was  fucking bomb…..the trailer for the 1981 flick is HILARIOUS
Dudley Fucking Moore is still the best drunk ever to hit the silver screen.

Arthur – Trailer (1981)

Christopher Cross – Arthur’s Theme


After Arthur Christopher Cross came out with this song with Doobie Brothers’ Michael McDonald….KILLER TUNE

Christopher Cross (feat. Michael McDonald) – Ride Like The Wind


Running Scared  (1986)

You might remember the next bassline from a certain early 90s rap song by Warren G called “Regulate”…here is original song…..

Running Scared – Trailer (1986)

Michael McDonald – Sweet Freedom

 (Mid 80s Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines as badass cops….YEAH OK but it worked and worked well.  RIP Gregory)


Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

Without “The Neutron Dance” this movie has no cheese factor as its funny and Eddie Murphy in his prime…..but having to listen to Fucking Glenn Frey to this day makes me want to shit on someone…fuck the Eagles

Beverly Hills Cop – Trailer (1984)

Glenn Frey – The Heat Is On

CHEESE FACTOR 2 (The Neutron Dance does it and by the way did I mention to Fuck the Eagles already?)

The sequel is pretty good if Brigitte Nielson doesn’t speak, but she does and once again proves why her and Stallone were a match made in heaven…..and this was POST-Rocky IV and PRE-Cobra.


Beverly Hills Cop II – Trailer (1987)

Bob Seger – Shakedown

CHEESE FACTOR – 4 (Thanks Brigitte and its a sequel and they should have stopped HERE.  And lets never mention BHC III ever again)

The Opening Theme by Jan Hammer (1984 – 1990)

….and see below as Miami Vice had some of the BEST music during the show…..they have Spanish subtitles but its fuckin Depeche Mode  so watch and enjoy how TV was before it became reality crap with no writers….

Miami Vice Scene set to Fly On The Windscreen by Depeche Mode (SUBTITLES I Know)

CHEESE FACTOR 10 (the clothes, cars..80s 80s 80s)

 Top Gun (1986)

Now here is Top Gun with all of the gay undertones especially with the shirtless beach volleyball scene.. still a decent movie ….                                                                   Top Gun – Trailer (1986)

Kenny Loggins – Dangerzone

the gay undertones here are dripping off the screen…

Kenny Loggins – Playing With The Boys

CHEESE FACTOR – 5 (The volleyball scene and Iceman chopping teeth)

St. Elmo’s Fire (1985)

The Fucking Brat Pack and where I first heard “This Face Seats Five”

St. Elmo’s Fire – Trailer (1985)

and his other song…SO BAD

John Parr – Naughty, Naughty

“Naughty Naughty, Cute and Horny”…what fucking horrible lyrics from that mullet freak

CHEESE FACTOR – 4/5 (Thanks to Naughty Naughty)


The Wild Life (1984)

If you have NEVER seen this movie….Its not even on DVD and its supposedly the follow up to Fast Times At Ridgemont High….SO many classic scenes in this movie….Wyatt from Weird Science and Chris Penn….

The Wild Life – Trailer (1984)

CHEESE FACTOR – 3 (80s in a nutshell)


Say Anything  (1989)

What else can be said about this movie besides its another CLASSIC and what a way to end the 80s but with this movie chocked full of good music…TOO MUCH TO MENTION

Say Anything – Trailer (1989)

Good tribute video

Say Anything Tribute Video set to In your Eyes by Peter Gabriel

CHEESE FACTOR – 0 (Great Movie)


I leave you with this….and thanks Paul Blart Mall Cop for bringing this gem back…

Guilty Pleasure ALERT!

Survivor – I Can’t Hold Back

Now we all can agree the 80s ROCKED


GO WATCH THIS MOVIE from 1995…..another underrated CLASSIC….trust me

Things to do in Denver When You’re Dead – Trailer (1995)

“Boat Drinks”  and it has Walken, Buschemi and even Jenny McCarthy as Walken’s nurse

FUCKING AWESOME song from it too….

Big Head Todd & The Monsters – Bittersweet (Live at Red Rocks)

Didn’t even need to mention this… poster for TRAILER


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