PERFECT ALBUMS by Bands A – D **REVISED with commentary**

******I was in such a hurry to get this out to the masses I missed out on putting some good commentary about why each album is perfect….so here we go********


“Follow me now and you will not regret
Leaving the life you led before we met
You are the first to have this love of mine
Forever with me ’till the end of time”
N.I.B. – Black Sabbath

First of all, MERRY XMAS and Happy New Year.   Other than my great family and friends, its been a horrible year from the start and this year cannot be over soon enough.   The other day on Twitter someone started the trend #PerfectAlbums and I have had this in my drafts folder on here for some time just waiting for the right time to bring it out.

First of all, defining a perfect album is hard to a degree but I will explain my criteria for what defines a “perfect album.”   A perfect album consists of three basic elements:  it sounds crisp, it is in the right order as it flows when you listen to it in order and every song regardless of popularity is good in its own way.  Some of these albums are one continuous song with no real breaks such as “The Chronic” by Dr. Dre’ and you must listen in order otherwise it makes no sense.  Some albums tell a story but have breaks in between songs for example “Boylan Heights” by The Connells is a story of a man who goes off to war and returns.  And then some albums are just classics that need to be listened to in the order it was intended by the artist and how you listened to it on vinyl.  “Back In Black” by AC/DC is the best example I can think of going back to Album Hour every Friday night on WRNO where the DJ would intro each side of the album then play it.  I have experienced all of the following albums in different times of my life and all of these qualify for this list.  With the exception of a couple of albums released in the last 10 years, albums don’t have that flow any more because songs are cherry picked for radio airplay.   I listed the track list so if you are not familiar with an album just read a c0uple of the tracks and you will then say to yourself  “Self, Pete is spot on with this”.  And this is the EXACT order of songs as they were released.

With that said here is MY LIST of perfect albums.  In alphabetical order & then release by year. I also am attaching album covers because album covers make some of these classics by sheer recognition.  Also I felt the need to represent EVERY letter of the alphabet to make it interesting.  Feel free to listen to or buy the ones you are not familiar with.

DISCLAIMER:  These are not all of my favorite albums, but albums considered perfect by me because you have to appreciate greatness when its achieved.


Highway to Hell
AC/DC – Highway To Hell (1979)

1. Highway To Hell
2. Girls Got Rhythm
3. Walk All Over You
4. Touch Too Much
5. Beating Around The Bush
6. Shot Down In Flames
7. Get It Hot
8. If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)
9. Love Hungry Man
10. Night Prowler

 This album is just brutal from the opening riffs of Highway to Hell


Back in Black
AC/DC – Back In Black (1980)

1. Hells Bells
2. Shoot To Thrill
3. What Do You Do For Money Honey
4. Givin The Dog A Bone
5. Let Me Put My Love Into You

6. Back In Black
7. You Shook Me All Night Long
8. Have A Drink On Me
9. Shake A Leg
10. Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution


Alice In Chains – Dirt (1992)

 1. Them Bones
2. Dam That River
3. Rain When I Die
4. Down In A Hole
5. Sick Man
6. Rooster
7. Junkhead
8. Dirt
9. God Smack
10. Untitled
11.Hate To Feel
12. Angry Chair
13. Would?



The Allman Brothers Band, IdleWild South (1970)

1. Revival
2. Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’
3. Midnight Rider
4. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
5. Hoochie Coochie Man
6. Please Call Home
7. Leave My Blues At Home


The Allman Brothers Band At Fillmore East (1971)

1. Statesboro Blues
2. Done Somebody Wrong
3. Stormy Monday
4. You Don’t Love Me
5. Hot ‘Lanta
6. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
7. Whipping Post


Eat A Peach (1972)

1. Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More
2. Les Brers In A Minor

3. Melissa
4. Mountain Jam
5. One Way Out
6. Trouble No More
7. Stand Back
8. Blue Sky
9. Little Martha




Licensed To Ill (1986)

1. Rhymin & Stealin
2. The New Style
3. She’s Crafty
4. Posse In Effect
5. Slow Ride
6. Girls
7. Fight For Your Right
8. No Sleep Till Brooklyn
9.Paul Revere
10.Hold It Now, Hit It
11. Brass Monkey
12. Slow And Low
13.Time To Get Ill



Paul’s Boutique (1989)

 1. To All The Girls
2. Shake Your Rump
3. Johnny Ryall
4. Egg Man
5. High Plains Drifter
6. The Sounds Of Science
7. 3-Minute Rule
8. Hey Ladies
9. 5-Piece Chicken Dinner
10. Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun
11. Car Thief
12. What Comes Around
13. Shadrach
14. Ask For Janice
15. B-Boy Bouillabaisse


Black Flag – Damaged (1981)

1. Rise above
2. Spray Paint The Walls
3. Six Pack
4. What I See
5. T.V. Party
6. Thirsty & Miserable
7. Police Story
8. Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
9. Depression
10. Room 13
11. Damaged II
12. No More
13. Padded Cell
14. Life Of Pain
15. Damaged I


Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath (1970)

1. Black Sabbath
2. The Wizard
3. Wasp / Behind The Wall / Basically
4. N.I.B.
5. A Bit Of Finger / Sleeping Village / Warning
6. Wicked World


Black Sabbath – Paranoid (1970)

1. War Pigs
2. Paranoid
3. Planet Caravan
4. Iron Man
5. Electric Funeral
6. Hand Of Doom
7. Rat Salad
8. Fairies Wear Boots


Bob Marley And The Wailers – Rastaman Vibration (1976)

1. Positive Vibration
2. Roots, Rock, Reggae
3. Johnny Was
4. Cry To Me
5. Want More
6. Crazy Baldhead
7. Who The Cap Fit
8. Night Shift
9. War
10. Rat Race


Bob Marley And The Wailers -Exodus (1977)

1. Natural Mystic
2. So Much Things To Say
3. Guiltiness
4. The Heathen
5. Exodus
6. Jamming
7. Waiting In Vain
8. Turn Your Lights Down Low
9. Three Little Birds
10. One Love / People Get Ready


Boston – Boston (1976)

1. More Than A Feeling
2. Peace Of Mind
3. Foreplay/Long Time
4. Rock & Roll Band
5. Smokin’
6. Hitch A Ride
7. Something About You
8. Let Me Take You Home Tonight




Carole King – Tapestry (1976)

1. I Feel The Earth Move
2. So Far Away
3. It’s Too Late
4. Home Again
5. Beautiful
6. Way Over Yonder
7. You’ve Got A Friend
8. Where You Lead
9. Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
10. Smackwater Jack
11. Tapestry
12. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman


Chris Isaak – San Francisco Days (1993)

1. San Francisco Days
2. Beautiful Homes
3. Round ‘N’ Round
4. Two Hearts
5. Can’t Do A Thing (To Stop Me)
6. Except The New Girl
7. Waiting
8. Move Along
9. I Want Your Love
10. 5:15
11. Lonely With A Broken Heart
12. Solitary Man


Clash, The – London Calling (1979)

Clash, The – London Calling (1979)

1. London Calling
2. Brand New Cadillac
3. Jimmy Jazz
4. Hateful
5. Rudie Can’t Fail
6. Spanish Bombs
7. The Right Profile
8. Lost In The Supermarket
9. Clampdown
10. The Guns Of Brixton
11. Wrong ‘Em Boyo
12. Death Or Glory
13. Koka Kola
14. The Card Cheat
15. Lover’s Rock
16. Four Horsemen
17. I’m Not Down
18. Revolution Rock
19. Train In Vain


Concrete Blonde – Bloodletting (1990)

1. Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)
2. The Sky Is A Poisonous Garden
3. Caroline
4. Darkening Of The Light
5. I Don’t Need A Hero
6. Days And Days
7. The Beast
8. Lullabye
9. Joey
10. Tomorrow, Wendy


The Connells – Boylan Heights (1987)

1. Scotty’s Lament
2. Choose A Side
3. Try
4. Just Like Us
5. If It Crumbles
6. Pawns
7. Over There
8. Elegance
9. Home Today
10. OT² (Instrumental)
11. I Suppose


Dave Brubeck Quartet – Time Out (1959)

1. Blue Rondo Á La Turk
2. Strange Meadow Lark
3. Take Five
4. Three To Get Ready
5. Kathy’s Waltz
6. Everybody’s Jumpin’
7. Pick Up The Sticks


Dire Straits – Making Movies (1980)

1. Tunnel Of Love
2. Romeo And Juliet
3. Skateaway
4. Expresso Love
5. Hand In Hand
6. Solid Rock
7. Les Boys


Dr. Dre’ – The Chronic (1992)

 1. The Chronic (Intro)
2. ___ Wit Dre Day (And Everybody’s Celebratin’)
3. Let Me Ride
4. The Day The Niggaz Took Over
5. Nuthin’ But A “G” Thang
6. Deeez Nuuuts
7. Lil’ Ghetto Boy
8. A Nigga Witta Gun
9. Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat
10. The $20 Sack Pyramid
11. Lyrical Gangbang
12.High Powered
13. The Doctor’s Office
14. Stranded On Death Row
15. The Roach (The Chronic Outro)
16. Bitches Ain’t Shit


Coming soon……PERFECT ALBUMS by Bands  E – H….

Until then have a good holiday….Merry Xmas and Happy New Year….I’m going to Hawaii



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