Just cause I can’t go doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

Spot on. Good live music trumps all.

Dusty Said

In my early 20’s I dated a guy that I can credit with introducing me to a lot of the artists that I love the most.  While most of our time was spent listening to rock, he is the one that drilled Dave Matthews Band into my head till I gave up fighting it and began my love affair with the live shows.  I was very reluctant at first, as I initially thought all of the songs sounded the same and had yet to attend a concert.  Since then, for the past 10 years, as long as DMB has come to the Woodlands, I have had my ass on the lawn, swaying with the packed out crowd and dancing around with some of my best friends that share the love.  This Friday will be the first time, in as long as I can remember, that I will not be able to make the…

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