“The Day The Music Died!”…..GRAMMYS 2014


Music is such a sad state of affairs nowadays…..I know many will disagree but music today is NOT music.  I am part of the older generation and everyone’s parents always hated their kids music.  I GET IT.  I watched the Grammys because I am subjected to it in the car with my 5 year old and 12 year old.  I don’t listen to today’s pop or rock for the most part because it all sounds the same so I wasn’t expecting to know some of the artists but when Willie, Kris and Merle came out, it was amazing that the song is over 30 years old and everyone knew it.  I was impressed to see a few young black and white people in the audience singing along. THAT IS STAYING POWER.  30 or 40 years from now NO ONE will probably know ONE SONG from this era of music. It also seems like to me they have to have a “big theatrical show” just to make the song interesting. There’s just no class in some music nowadays. It’s just about the show. 

“The Day The Music Died!”…..GRAMMYS 2014
RIP 1/26/2014 

Hollywood and the music industry are made up of “flash in the pan” people…like the One Hit Wonders of the 70s and early 80s.  No REAL staying power in either industry anymore.  The producers aren’t interested in talent ….that takes too long to culminate.  They’re only interested in the money regardless of how short term it is.  Hollywood and the Music mecca has gone bonkers. Referring to each other as “the greatest ever”, or “your God”. etc. It must be a lonely world up top from what I hear. And with all that fame and fortune can they really trust anyone?     

The Grammys have morphed over the last 20 years into a freak show. Music as an art, has taken a sharp noise dive. Why don’t they give an award EVERY YEAR to the inventor of Autotune which allows people who can’t read a note or sing an opportunity to call themselves singers? I’d pay big bucks to hear a no talent like Kanye West (winner of 21 Grammies) sing a standard WITHOUT Autotune or ANY special effects. 

As far as the Grammys…..Worst Grammy’s show ever! … and the biggest turn off… the mass gay wedding. I have nothing against a person’s choice, but I’ve had it with this “gay agenda” nonsense being forced in front of my face by every form of media. Could they keep politics out of music?  Where did the marriage fit in? Talk about pushing it down your throat. Another reason why I don’t watch these sick shows, nor would I want my kids to watch.  Never let a good awards show go to waste to promote your agenda, huh Hollywood?  A music awards show is definitely not the place for any weddings, gay or otherwise. I am so sick and tired of having gay rights slammed into my ears. So you’re gay, get on with life then and leave me the heck alone. If i want to see a gay couple get married then i will go to somebody’s wedding. As far as the mass gay wedding well I thought I was tuning into The Grammys not a political statement. We are tired of Politics infiltrating entertainment. We pay to see entertainment not politics. Just complete non-sense.   I thought the Grammys was about music, not politics. that’s the last time I watch the Grammys… it’s been going downhill for too many years!

And before you read last night’s performance review…..READ my 2012 one….


I watched the entire broadcast last night and counted ONE performance that could actually be called quality music worthy of a Grammy. Keith Urban’s “Cop Car” with Gary Clark Jr. was pure unadulterated MUSIC. No fire, no half-naked dancers, no fog machine, no laser light show, no rap, no twerking and no censored lyrics. It was basically two musicians singing a great song and playing amazing guitar, just pure music.. The rest of the acts were marginal at best. Even Sir Paul was actually pretty average.  Then you have Ringo Starr with Peter Frampton (if anyone noticed) singing a song from 1973 so he could shamelessly promote his book of photographs.

And what’s with these Grammy performances that have very little to do with music anymore? I mean, Taylor Swift didn’t go overboard, but did you see Katy Perry’s performance? It’s like they have to go way over the top to sell their music. NO integrity.

Now, to why I REALLY wrote this….
First of all, I can’t stand either of “Tha Carters”. They are both so full of themselves. I don’t think that they were impressive.  Beyonce and Jay Z are the King and Queen of what?    Beyonce, looked and sounded drunk, her strut and attire can be seen on any stage with a pole. Jay-Z dances like a white boy and his rants of unintelligible gibberish that everyone thinks they must have illustrates how tasteless our society is becoming. That performance was awful and the song is worse.  They had all the special affects and distractions needed to take viewers and listeners away from the musicality. It’s less about making music and more about “the show”.   These two are so overrated! Please leave!

Why did Beyoncé dress like a stripper?  Why don’t women dress to show their talent instead of T&A? How are we going to get respect for our talent with the emphasis on the wrong kind of attention? Do you remember the fight for women’s rights or read about it in school? Women used to demand their rights now they are being fodder for the sexual advertisements. Women dress how you want to be treated. Disappointed in the emphasis in this show. All flash, no substance. Sad.   

Consider this….. The Beatles never used light shows, dancers or any of the the technical magic.

Seriously, and people calling Beyonce the Lord?  Child please, go and take several seats. There is only one Lord and she ain’t it! His name is Jesus!   Both Jay-z and Beyonce are Illuminati puppets anyway.

If you really think about the words “talent” and “artist” these two do not even scratch the surface of what those two words mean. Nor do most of the other top 40/Hip Hop acts of today. What passes for artistry and talent now days is hype, pure and simple. Hype that is projected by image. What do these images say besides “sex is hot” and “look at how attractive and sexy I am.” None of these so called artists have anything real to say half the time. Yet they are put on this level of such extreme hype. It’s just sad that anyone would be so unable to recognize true artistry and replace it with this garbage instead.

I figure that the less talent an artist has, the more, gyrating, twerking, etc.. they have to do on stage so hopefully, nobody will notice the pathetic lack of talent!  Watching Beyoncé (who has a so-so voice; not terrible but not great) wear the skimpiest costumes, bump, gyrate, and stick her booty out to the audience like she wants somebody to “come up from behind and do her from the rear” is disgusting. How is anyone supposed to take her music seriously? I’m so glad I grew up in the 70’s. We had an abundance of talent; and still do! Young people today are doomed to a no-talent bunch of losers.

Madonna was awful, I was waiting for Oompa Loompas to come out. It’s time for Madonna to come out of the closet. She looks like a drag queen anymore. 

Taylor Swift was such a joke. I thought Pink was great. I loved the aerial act.  That took a lot of skill and a lot of practice to put on Pink’s flawless performance. I would rather watch that then Taylor Swift looking like a teenager having a seizure on stage. That’s not even cute. Taylor Swift is a spotlight hog. I’m sick of seeing her everywhere. And Taylor…..releasing an album that is country and pop to grab two genres gets you nothing overalll….stick to one GENRE.

I thought the Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar song was ok but then again….what am I comparing this to?

I felt very bad for Kris Kristoferson. His voice isn’t anywhere near what it used to be. Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson were just OK but seemed to lose it at times. If it weren’t for Blake Shelton bailing them out it really would have been terrible although Willie did hit some very good notes in his first song.  A senile nightmare. The couldn’t remember how to sing, any of the lyrics or when it was their turn. Not everyone can perform in their 80’s and its ok to lay it down rather than embarrass yourself and that was borderline embarrassing.

Not a huge Beatles fan but seeing Paul and Ringo together on stage again was key. Although Ringo really wasn’t playing the drums for the song (he did some drumming but just followed the other drummer) it was really good seeing him and Paul embrace at the end.

And as far as Daft Punk, Pharrell, Nile Rodgers and Stevie Wonder. BRILLIANT!!!
The song is brilliant as its timeless, original and that is why it won. 

Metallica and Long Duck Dong (ok Lang Lang)?  And those of you who thought the Metallica performance was good haven’t seen them LIVE before as that was horrible in comparison…they need to tighten it up even at their age.  Because if you want to get out and perform at that age you better be able to…….
And why was the piano turned up so loud? Also Metallica has gotten sloppy over the last few years….see album with Lou Reed.   
And speaking of Metallica, why did they need to be there performing a song that was over 25 years old?  I realize “One” is a classic but seriously it just didn’t fit.  

Maybe its just me but why does everyone have to “collaborate” to make a song these days. Take a look as almost EVERY song is someone with someone else.  

The best performance of the night (and I use the word BEST loosely) was NIN and Queen of the Stone Age and they cut them off.  It was just surreal.


The music industry died and someone forgot to tell these people. As much as I don’t care for Country music, at least the awards are more about music and less about trash as was exhibited with Grammys 2014.
Ashamed isn’t it?  The music industry slowly dying in front of our eyes, (ears), I have wondered, since its very conception, how anyone could call mumbling into a microphone music. Although it does open up the category to the totally tone deaf, and talentless mumblers the music industry seems to be dominated by these days. I really would love to see a demographics on who is buying their shit. I have a feeling they are buying it themselves. 
The other amazing (not) thing about the music industry is, instead of great music, it seems the performances that go with it are more important than the actual music. Everything has to be a half assed attempt at a Vegas production number, with the scantly dressed women singing and strutting their stuff. 
People don’t buy music the way they use to any more, They blame the internet, but the real reason is where 1 tune, and I use the word loosely, may draw attention, everything else on an album is SHIT.  The internet offers you the opportunity to just own the single again, as in the old days of the 45’s. 
I know every generations parents have complained about their children’s music. And I certainly do complain, but, for me I am so insulted by what they call music today, and I only turn the radio on when kids ask. And I do morn “The day the music died!”

I would like to offer my condolences on the death of music. I’m sure its in a better place.


Hopefully it makes people appreciate the amateur talent playing in bars.
 It’s live, not synced and not at the mercy of the might music industry.

PS:  Sorry Sean Lennon , no one notice your attempt to look like your dad.

When a real estate commercial featuring a song from over 25 years ago dominates the Grammys, you know music of today is horrible.

2014 Coldwell Banker TV Ad: Home Sweet Home

Motley Crue – Home Sweet Home


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