MORE Great 90’s Alt-Rock Songs You Probably Forgot About…

In A World Of Human Wreckage….

OK here we go…..

someone posted the “38 Great Al-Rock Songs You Haven’t Thought About in 20 Years” prompting me to not only reminisce about my time at KLSU (Thanks DG) but that time in general.  The years 92 – 96…..When given the chance to be on KLSU, I immediately jumped and never looked back…my Wednesday afternoon shift during the summer was interesting to say the least….

As far as the music is concerned, this was the time when Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains were getting bigger and bigger but there were still no “New Rock” radio stations, so most if not all of the songs below were ignored by the masses but enjoyed by the few….

Most of these you will remember all of these and some more than others, but notice when they came out.  Oasis was in 1994 but didn’t blow up til 1996…..same goes for the others….turn it up ENJOY and I will let the music do the talking…

 * next to a song means its one of my all time and never gets old…

Also I posted this list in reverse alphabetical order because who cares….ENJOY  

Veruca Salt – Seether (1994)

Tripping Daisy – My Umbrella (1993)

Tracy Bonham – The One (1996)

*Sugar – If I Can’t Change Your Mind (1992)

*Sponge – Plowed (1994)

*Seven Mary Three – My My (1995)

Posies – Solar Sister (1993)

*Oasis – Live Forever (1994)

*Matthew Sweet – Devil With The Green Eyes (1994)

*K’s Choice – A Sound That Only You Can Hear (1995)

*James – Say Something (1993)

*House Of Love – You Don’t Understand (1992)

Gigolo Aunts – Cope (1994)

Fretblanket – Twisted (1994)

Frank Black – Los Angeles (1993)

For Squirrels – Mighty KC (1995)

Eve’s Plum – I Want It All (1993)

Dambuilders – Smell (1994)

Dada – Dim (1992)

***** Catherine Wheel – Black Metallic (1992) 

Afghan Whigs – Debonair (1993)


Charlatans UK – The Only One I Know (1990)

Dada – I Get High (1996)

Catherine Wheel – Crank (1993)

Havana 3Am


Darling Buds – It Makes No difference (1991)


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