Blame It All On My Roots….

So lately I’ve been getting into karaoke, or should I say, drunk karaoke and every time I always sing “Friends In Low Places” by Garth Brooks….and yes I sing it well but who doesn’t when they are drunk…..Well this morning I saw this video where Justin Timberlake starts singing “Friends In Low Places” during a show in Nashville and who comes onstage before the 2nd verse but Garth Brooks himself…..

and yes he sang the infamous 3rd verse…

LYRICS at bottom of this page….if you don’t already know them


History of the song:

“Friends in Low Places” entered the Billboard country chart on August 18, 1990. It took only eight weeks to reach #1, where it stayed for four weeks, making it one of the biggest hits of the year


So its fall 1990 and I am in my 2nd official year at LSU and I had just returned from being in the ARMY Reserve Basic training….

I would go out almost every night and hear “Friends In Low Places” and quite honestly hated it because it was that sing along song for everyone at the bar and I was into Pantera’s first album which came out in July 1990 so I probably had that angry sneer….

I never followed the path everyone has so the main reason why I hated “Friends In Low Places” at this time in 1990 was mainly because everyone else did….

Of course that doesn’t explain why I love it so much now other than the fact that I am older and wiser and its truly a classic piece of music history….and a great sing along

So this blog is basically everything that happened in EVERYTHING from Sports to Movies the FAll of 1990 AFTER “Friends In Low Places” came out on August 18th…..


I was very into Jane’s Addiction as Ritual De Lo Habitual had just come out August 21, 1990 so I was listening to this….

Who, Simon and Garfunkel, 4 Seasons, 4 Tops, Hank Ballard, Platters and Kinks inducted into Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Top 5 for for the year 1990 in music are:

1. Hold On, Wilson Phillips

2. It Must Have Been Love, Roxette

3. Nothing Compares 2 U, Sinéad O’Connor

4. Poison , Bell Biv Devoe 

5. Vogue, Madonna

August 20th Living Colour releases their follow up to Vivid titled Time’s Up and became an instant favorite of mine…..see why

August 21st Firehouse released their soon to be double platimum self titled album…

ALSO on August 21st a little known Seattle band named Alice in Chains released Facelift and it was listed under “Metal”….little did they know what was on the horizon….

September 11th Warrant releases Cherry Pie ….and another one of my favorite songs from this era….

BUT more importantly on Sept 29th “Love and Affection” by Nelson peaks at #1 on pop singles chart….and signals the unofficial END of the Hair Bands ….thanks record companies…

Image result for nelson love and affection

…..and Oct 3rd Florida record store owner Charles Freeman is found guilty of obsenity, for selling 2 Live Crew rap records

Oct 17th soon to be Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong drops out of school to pursue a career in music



Wash DC, Mayor Marion Barry arrested in drug enforcement sting



Aug 29th Saddam Hussein declares America can’t beat Iraq



Hard Rock Cafe opens in Las Vegas Nevada

Established: 6/7/1990 — Disestablished: 12/11/1998


Look closely you can see Bates Motel….


Sept 18th 500 lb 6′ Hershey Kiss is displayed at 1 Times Square, NYC


John McEnroe becomes 1st ever player to be expelled from the Australian Open

George Steinbrenner steps down as NY Yankee owner…yeah ok

Sept 10 – Sampras beats Agassi in US Open

In Major League Baseball, the Cincinnati Reds beat the Oakland A’s in the World Series that year…WHO FUCKING CARES


Nov 12th “The Body Bag Game”, in the days leading to the clash, Eagles head coach Buddy Ryan threatened a beating so severe that “they’ll have to be carted off in body bags”. Ryan’s words were prophetic, as the Eagles defense scored three touchdowns in a 28–14 win and knocked eight Redskins out of the game, including two quarterback

The 1990 NFL season was also the first full season for Paul Tagliabue as the Commissioner, after taking over from the legendary Pete Rozelle.

My Saints finished 8-8 but this was the beginning of the Dome Patrol 

That Saints team featured one of the great linebacking corps of history: Sam MillsRickey JacksonPat Swilling, and Vaughn Johnson [sic]. They had some winning seasons and playoff appearances ahead of them. But they would never win a playoff game, and they’ll best be remembered for keeping the real rising powerhouse of the NFC out of the postseason for a year.”

Saints lost 16-6 against Bears in the playoffs….

In 2004, the 1990 Saints were named as one of the “worst playoff teams ever”

The 1990 LSU Tigers football team finished 5-6 after starting the season 4-2.  

After back-to-back losing seasons in 1989 and 1990, Head Coach Mike Archer lost 4 of the last 5 games in 1990, the lone win coming in the season finale against Tulane.  YAY!….so he was replaced by Curley Hallman….

  wholly fuck sticks.   

But boy he could sell some Golden Flake Potato Chips.

His hiring is listed as one of the Biggest Disasters in SEC History…..

……and I thought having “Twin Towers” Shaquille O’Neal and Stanley Roberts on the 1990 LSU Basketball squad, beating Loyola Marymount 148-141 in OT then do nothing in the NCAA tournament was an SEC disaster….

BUT…1990 has historically one of, if not the best LSU basketball game ever played….


Ferris Bueller the TV series debuted on August 23, 1990 with Jeanie Bueller played by you guessed it….Jennifer Aniston…

the show was cancelled by NBC after 13 episodes…

Oct 4th U.S. premiere of Fox TV’s “Beverly Hills, 90210”

full house, Simpson every night on fox…..The Simpsons were even selling Toyotas….

Dec 31st Sci-Fi Channel on cable TV begins transmitting


Aug 17th “Exorcist 3” premieres

Goodfellas and Marked For Death are reeling it in at the box office

One is a classic and one is not….can you guess which one?

….and yes Steven Seagal still runs like a girl…

Dec 25th “Godfather III” premieres

Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.”

Well that is that…..hope you enjoyed…..MOST of you will know all of this while many of you were only 11 years old….you know who you are…..

Cheers to a good Easter weekend


I will leave you with this……


but remember …..its all about the kids on Easter….

                                                “Friends In Low Places”

Blame it all on my roots

I showed up in boots

And ruined your black tie affair

The last one to know

The last one to show

I was the last one

You thought you’d see there

And I saw the surprise

And the fear in his eyes

When I took his glass of champagne

And I toasted you

Said, honey, we may be through

But you’ll never hear me complain

‘Cause I’ve got friends in low places

Where the whiskey drowns

And the beer chases my blues away

And I’ll be okay

I’m not big on social graces

Think I’ll slip on down to the oasis

Oh, I’ve got friends in low places

Well, I guess I was wrong

I just don’t belong

But then, I’ve been there before

Everything’s all right

I’ll just say goodnight

And I’ll show myself to the door

Hey, I didn’t mean

To cause a big scene

Just give me an hour and then

Well, I’ll be as high

As that ivory tower

That you’re livin’ in

‘Cause I’ve got friends in low places

Where the whiskey drowns

And the beer chases my blues away

And I’ll be okay

I’m not big on social graces

Think I’ll slip on down to the oasis

Oh, I’ve got friends in low places

[3rd Verse:]

I guess I was wrong

I just don’t belong

But then, I’ve been there before

And everything is alright

I’ll just say goodnight

And I’ll show myself to the door

I didn’t mean to cause a big scene

Just wait ’til I finish this glass

Then sweet little lady

I’ll head back to the bar

And you can kiss my ass


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